Beyond violence and Trafficking

and particularly Lilanda, a compound in Lusaka, has been my mission, the place
God has always kept for me, from eternity. I worked at “Teresa Grigolini, Women
Development Center”, a project for young women who have already suffered a lot,
even if still young.

service was to help them to look at life with hope and to become active women
for a better society, aware of God’s presence and love in their life.

service with the young women in Lilanda has enriched me with a lot of
experiences which is a

treasure for the service I am now involved in.

Religious Sisters of Zambia, have created a commission for Justice and Peace
which has the aim of making awareness among ourselves and the people with whom
we work and then, we take action together.

really try to help people to give voice to their situations of injustice and to
find strategies and support to overcome them.

of the women I meet are victims of Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking,
especially internal trafficking, where relatives exploit them domestically or
sexually.  In particular, here in Zambia,
we have started a program of advocacy and awareness against Human Trafficking,
forming and informing people on the magnitude of these phenomena. We have
created links with Organizations and organized programs in various
Institutions: Parishes, Schools, and Associations in collaboration with
International institutions like IOM, UNICEF, Caritas, but also with the
Government of ZaMBia, radios and TV.

contributions and the stories that the women share become testimonies… shared
with others and they reach also UN.

of this experience I have a dream.

know that here in Zambia there are not enough institutions for the protections
of women victims of Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking. There are no
programs for rescuers and restoration of survivals. My dream is to create, one
day, a Polyvalent Center where women can find a place where to stay in peace
and receive assistance for the re-elaboration of trauma and reintegration in


This is my dream…. I am sure
God is dreaming with me and, if it is for the good of the women here in Zambia,
this dream will become reality.

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