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Comboni Lay Missionaries
Press Release

The Comboni Lay Missionaries will officially open a Website

Rome, Tuesday, July 9, 2013
The 10 October, 2013, will be the official opening on the Internet of the Comboni Lay Missionaries (CLM) Website. It will appear in seven languages and will offer, as well as news on the activities of the CLM at international level, the opportunity to have access to the Blog and to the Platform with contents of specific formation for the CLM members.

The CLM are men and women, married and single, who are dedicated to evangelization and human promotion within and outside their own country, following the charism of St. Daniel Comboni. They were started in 1991, in the context of the Comboni Family. Today, in the world, the CLM are around four hundred. Most of them have had the experience of going beyond their countries’ borders and now continue to follow the association of the CLM and to strengthen the missionary dimension of the Church in their own countries. Presently, about forty of them are working in the mission overseas, while others are preparing to leave for the mission.
For some time the CLM have been discussing the need of a Web page in order to raise the awareness and to share information and formation contents among themselves. It was, then, about time to take this step. The official Website, in seven languages, is almost ready and will be available to the public on 10 October, 2013. The virtual space is subdivided into three main areas: the Webpage, the Blog and the Moodle Platform for formation.
On the Site – says the person in charge of the CLM, Alberto de la Portilla – “one will be able to know about who we are and what we do as CLM in different countries over three continents: America, Africa and Europe. In addition to the numerous and varied contents, one will find personal experiences and testimonies from the different places of the mission fields where we work, information about the situation of the various countries in which we operate, reflections on our spirituality, on formation courses, on music and videos. The site will be open to all. We expect you to visit it.”
To visit the new Site just
click here and… enjoy it!

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