First week of the Chapter

At the beginning of this first week of the Chapter we spent considerable time considering what would be the first step to take in order to live this event in the light of our chapter theme: to dare the mystery of encounter for the Comboni mission today.

We have started our Chapter activities with a reflection on how to live these days at the service of the whole congregation, beyond our Circumscription of origin, beyond our specific service, listening to the journey made by each one and by all, a journey lived within the Church, the world and creation.

We are part of a body-congregation that continuously interacts with many people, with the world, within the movement of a Church which invites us to go out, to dare, to move out.


Being part of the Congregational body evoked in us the desire to listen in a generative way to the various reports from the GIP, the General Direction, the General Treasurer’s office and the pre-capitular commission. In these intense days of listening we have tried to read the journey made in these years with our mind, our heart and our will. We tried to listen with our whole being, letting ourselves be questioned by the congregational history of the past six years, letting ourselves be deeply touched by events.

The presentations of the GIP were beautiful and intense. The journey made by each Circumscription and by each GIP helped us to realize how our Charism is alive and brings life to the realities around us and that we shared a desire of redesigning our presence by answering to the cry of the poor and impoverished through different methodologies, according to realities and situations.

The presentation of the pre-Chapter commission shed light on what we have in common and this has been strongly expressed in our experiences of encounter. These experiences speak, first of all, of our desire to go out, to encounter the other in his/her diversity, in his/her otherness.

The experiences of encounter are a treasure that belong to us and underline the importance of evangelizing as a community, confirm our call to be bridges among peoples, underline the welcome and life-giving suffering in the life of the poor and invite us to overcome the logic of always doing and giving.

The report of the outgoing General Direction widened our view, presenting to us the journey of the six years through those processes that allow us to deepen our ministeriality, through our charismatic history and our life together.

In their report the General Direction invited us to broaden our vision because the horizon is moving, widening, and this was expressed through the image of Christ on the Cross with open arms, who attracts all humanity to Himself.

This gaze towards the horizon becomes encounter, the paradigm for a consecrated missionary life (cfr. EG n. 87), and opens up to challenges that touch us deeply: the call to a more contemplative life that requires the courage and ability to meet God and ourselves so that we may build mature relationships also in community. In this way, we may reshape our way of living together for the mission, through a shared ministeriality, so that we may sustain each other and the mission, in order to open ourselves up to the challenges of an economic sustainability for the life and growth of our future through attitudes and actions more and more transparent and shared.


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