Give like if you have dreams

God allows us to dream because he knows he can help us to fulfill them,
but when the dreams don’t become true it’s because he has grater ones for us.  I have enjoyed in my life the gift of dreams
and I could share many of them but this time I want to share just one.When I was a child, a missionary magazine came to my hands, that
magazine had pictures of people from all over the world and there was a story
about the life of those places. I kept the magazine for some years because I
used to enjoy looking at the pictures and dreaming to be one day on those
places and sharing my life with them. Time passed and I became an Elementary School Teacher, the dream of my
childhood seemed to vanish because now I got a job in a small village at one of
the schools of the government in my Guatemala. I was the only teacher in that
school, teaching the six grades of elementary (by the way, it was another of my
dreams). I really liked that job because I was doing what I like to do but
something was calling me to go farther. I started to try to find out what was
it, I could feel that God was calling me for a missionary life. At the
beginning I fought with God because I was happy teaching and sharing my life
with the children and the families of that village. What else could I do? I
forgot that God is the lover who always demands more.Finally, I surrender and started the process to join the Combony
Missionary Sisters. The time came to go to Mexico to start my formation, and it
was a really hard time first of all to leave my family and job. Nothing in life
is easy. I did my first formation in Mexico then I went to learn English in the
States in order to go for the mission in Africa. As I was learning English I
was dreaming with Sud Sudan. I really wanted to go there so I was reading the
history, culture, geography, etc of that country, but at the end I was sent to

I arrived in Kenya in 2009, after leaning some Swahili I was sent to the
mission of Amakurit in West Pokot. I was to teach at Elementary School. Now the
dream of the 7 years old girl had become true, sharing my life with Pokot girls
as I could teach and learn from them and the others teachers. As I said before
nothing is easy, leaving your dream does not mean that all is beautiful but at
the end what is important is to love and to let others love you. The beginning
of my experience in Amakuriat cost me tears and desire to quit but after some
months I could start to enjoy and learn how to be there.The good things last short because our life is in a constant movement,
and we need to continue growing that’s why I stayed there only three years and
a half. Leaving was a moment of crises but what fulfilled my heart was the joy
of having really lived and loved those people.

They left in my life so many
good memories that make me smile every time I remember them as I know I left on
them also something good. Dreaming is equal to being alive so don’t stop dreaming as you are still

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