God created us free

The Life of God and Reconciliation created us free. Our humanity brings us to release all that breaks the harmony of creation and goes against every form of human denigration.

Trafficking in persons, scourge of the twenty-first century, is destroying thousands of lives, especially the most vulnerable in our times. In Peru the index of victims has increased dramatically: there are more than one hundred thousand victims of this market of people linked to illegal mining. Peru converts so in the country of origin, transit and destination for victims. Every day we are increasingly invaded by misleading offers of work, proposed travel abroad  a dream come true. And we do not speak of labor exploitation and young children living in our capital.

The Network Kawsay is an international network of consecrated life, committed to building a society without human trafficking and promoting concrete actions with dignity. Justice and solidarity. Its main objective is to organize aid and initiatives of consecrated life to sensitize all against trafficking in persons in different areas of the company, with the aim of preventing that so many people are involved and also to give support to victims.

I had the chance to belong to the Net Kawsay. The experience I had left me a lot of satisfaction and a lot of challenges at the same time. Satisfactions that result in a job in which each one of his best working with everyone. It ‘a great opportunity to practice flexibility, share opinions, express liberamnente what one thinks and then decide what each offers and hire him as a lifetime commitment.

Be part of the Network Kawsay gave me the opportunity to learn more about the work they do other congregations, such as ours, to combat trafficking in persons. I loved seeing how could we would join our efforts and organize concrete actions seeing how we could coincide with our activities. I found well and clearly that St. Daniel Comboni is much more than a fleeting opportunity. He told us that “the work is not Italian, Spanish or French … must be a work Catholic”. And this is the Network Kawsay, response to the consecrated life against all forms of slavery, beginning with trafficking in persons.

Another great lesson that I found the web Kawsay was teamwork that you do when there are meetings to raise awareness and prevention. I remember on one occasion we went to a college of 500 pupils and sister that I had helped a lot of experience in education. He helped me a lot to be able to communicate with young people, facilitating the transmission of the subject prepared. Another time we did a seminar for one of the diocese of Lima, a full week, during which he addressed the issue from different points of view. And again networking has paid off. Many participants of this network we shared the work: the theme we’ve given set and participants were more sensitized with new prospects for prevention and practical commitment.

There are many experiences that I carry with me as precious pearls that accompany me in my new mission in Kenya. Right now in Nairobi, the Kenyan capirtale, I’m taking the study of language and then start a lavor network from here. It ‘a great challenge, a new reality with different language and a context very different to that of Latin America. However, is the same ideal: to share what I know and in my heart, learn and touch the hearts of these people.

Networking is not easy, though knowing that the work is of God and not ours, it is possible to make it a reality.

Sr. Milagros I. Plaza Anzualdo (experiencia en la Red Kawsay – Peru).

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