KWPTI gives opportunity to young women

Rosemary Jendeka is a 21 year old young mother of a 9 months old son called Prince. Jendeka lives in Korogocho area of Nairobi with her single mother who is a vendor in the area market. Jendeka does not know where the father of her son is but that does not put her down and stop her from pursing studies.  She came to Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute with the desire to be a student in Catering.  Although Jendeka and her family (mother, small sister, cousin and her baby) are facing many challenges, with a strong desire she is determine and excited to go ahead with the Catering studies.

The institute run by Comboni Missionary Sisters, was created to support this kind of young women that are eager to overcome the economic, social or familiar challenges that they are living.  KWPTI gives opportunity to young women between the ages of 15-30 years and supports them through vocational training (Dressmaking, Catering  and  Hairdressing and Beauty).  The training had been created to offer them a holistic formation, covering a key areas for the development of the trainees, i.e., Spiritual formation, character formation, Business education and basic computer skills. The impact of the training is not just felt by the trainees but by their whole family.  Jendeka is doing her best in the training and making a good journey of friendship with her peers and teachers in the Catering class.

Jendeka goes every morning  to the training center without complain of carrying Prince, the bag of the cloth and food for the baby and the second bag with her books.  KWPTI offers baby Care service for the trainees who have no one to take care of their babies at home or cannot afford to pay the baby care fee.  Jendeka lives Prince with Florence, the baby care attendant, who not only takes good care of the children but teaches the young mothers to take care of their babies.

Jendeka explained that she is very happy about what she is learning and is looking forward to getting her certificate and one day to continue further studies in her field of catering.  Jendeka is full of hope about the future and she believes she will be able to take care of her son and her mother.

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