Regenerate Life in Abundance
Introduction: who are we and where are we coming from
We are 15 Sisters, coming from 10 different countries and thus multicultural (Mexico, Egypt, Costa Rica, Italy, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan, Portugal, Ecuador), and from 10 different missions (Mexico, Italy, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan, South Sudan, Zambia, Congo, Ethiopia).
This diversity is indeed a wealth and an experience of joy we live as a family. In order to live this privileged time of renewal, which encompasses  the human, spiritual, moral, psychological, ministerial and Combonian dimension, each one of us left for a while our communities, our ministries and the people with whom we collaborate. However, all of us are certain that this experience will give us new energy to answer in a renewed way to the challenges of our being Women Consecrated today in the mission ad gentes, Women of the Gospel, Holy and capable, as Comboni wanted us to be. 
The Sister guiding us in this journey is Sr. Vera, who is part of the General Secretariat of formation. Together with her,  other facilitators will accompany us during this formative period called “Rekindle the Fire” Regenerate Life in Abundance.  
How do we live this time …..
These period of three months we are starting will be divided in spaces for listening to inputs and the word of God, for reflections, meditation, sharing among ourselves, reading and moments of getting to know the city welcoming us where we find the roots of our congregation and of our Comboni family. 
And so …..
We have started the first week remembering our experiences; with an invitation to understand time itself, searching for God and above all finding the newness of God in it.  Enlightened by the Spirit, each one of us appreciated this moment of grace, certain that the Spirit will help us to search our times. We felt renewed and encouraged to live the present with joy and look at the future with hope.
In the second week we looked at the women of the Gospel; it was an encounter which helped  us to discover and deepen new elements which enrich our journey of faith as we follow the Lord.
These Women of the Gospel, full of faith, allowed themselves to be touched by their own weaknesses, diseases, mindful that the love and the mercy would have healed and transformed their lives.
These women challenge us and encourage us, and show us the true way of being in history; being women who witness courage and hope, women who generate life, those Sisters who Comboni has always wanted.
Here we are at the third week in which we looked at our holy roots: 
Combonian Spirituality
Sense of belonging
Elderly Sisters
From the contemplation of the Heart of Jesus, Comboni feels “ready to suffer and sweat til the last breath and die for Jesus Christ and for the salvation of the unfortunate peoples of Africa.” (Writings 4290)
We too, therefore, feel invited to contemplate this pierced heart of Jesus, through which we see the wounded humanity still in need of healing. 
We feel called to assimilate the sentiments of Jesus, sentiments of love, mercy, compassion, in order to bear the light of God in our lives, in our communities and to the peoples among whom we  live.
Sense of belonging:  to whom do we belong? Each one of us is invited to give her own answer.
six models of leadership were proposed to us: we no longer talk about a leadership which regards just a certain group of Sisters, but we talk about a leadership which involves all the Sisters of the Congregation. All of us are at the same time leaders and members. Regarding these models of leadership we realize that has to do with an unknown future, a leadership of discontinuity, of curves and spirals, systematic and prophetic and a “theologic” leadership. It was a challenge for us to recognize the responsibility each one of us has in our way of living.
The Elderly Sisters: 
After having looked at the sense of belonging and leadership during this week, we could not conclude without visiting our elderly and sick Sisters. In them we found a richness of life and a witness which encourages us to live with coherence and faithfulness our mission. The Sisters invite us to live with our eyes fixed in Jesus Christ, welcoming every situation as God’s will for us and to courageously take the cross which God always gives to those who follow Him with love and faithfulness. We are grateful to all our Sisters who traced for us the way and encourage us to always trust the One who has chosen us.
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