Remembering an adventure which is still vivid in my mind

It was 28 September 1953, I was in South Sudan, (Bahar el Ghazal) in the mission of  Dem-Zyheir, in community with Sr. Rodolfa Casagrande, Sr. Romilda Boaretto & Sr. Carla Colombo (Already passed to new life).
Dem-Zyheir, is a beautiful mission, in lovely scenery, nature seems to make everything flourish: we had good, abundant harvests, plants fruits, flowers, colours etc.

Our house was simple, poor but… so beautiful to us!!!… the adventure I had was beautiful fo rme too, at dawn on a serene morning.
At 5.00 the bell went for getting up, I got ready and went outside where in a corner of the courtyard, covered with tin sheets, we had the outside toilet, I saw the door was ajar, stretched out my hand to take hold of the matches which were always there with a candle. As I lit it I heard a yell and two paws struck my in front! I WAS SO SHOCKED! I had woken a big leopard! Fortunately he just caught and ripped the front of my habit; I was staring at him and he at me. As I ran away, he did too and took refuge up a tangerine tree in the courtyard. What could we do? 
When I stopped shaking, I shouted to the other Sisters: “Sisters, stay in the house, there is a leopard in the courtyard!” when the beast heard me shouting, it came down the tree, jumped the wall and landed beside the chicken run, and frightened them too: “Squark, squark, squark…!”. he paced up and down a little but could find not hole to enter so went away, leaving us all unscathed.
I thank the Lord for the many years I spent in the mission, a gift from him, I thank him for his help and protection, that I escaped danger on that day too! Thank you Lord!!!
Sr. Prassede Zamperini,
84 years old
Arco Community


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