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We, Comboni Missionary Sisters, inspired by Comboni’s example and the clarity of his vision and intuition of seeing everyone as part of the work of the regeneration in Africa, feel it is vital for us, too, to share the wealth of our charismatic inheritance with the laity, certain that our vocations will be mutually enlightened.

Following in our Founder’s footsteps, we feel called – today more than ever – to collaborate and to “network.”

Collaboration with the laity offers us the possibility of making our Combonian charism and its practice of mission more widely known and, at the same time, allows us to translate into life our call to be “… a stone hidden under the earth that will perhaps never come to light.”


Mission and spirituality

Associates are men and women seeking to live their baptismal commitment more deeply by sharing in a religious congregation’s charism and ministry. Associates, while in relationship with a religious community, maintain their own lifestyle, thus carrying the mission and spirituality into their places of living, their families and their work.

Associates of the Comboni Missionary Sisters are men and women who acknowledge a common call in Baptism to live Gospel values. They

  • desire association with the Sisters as a means for personal growth and holiness
  • form an association of persons who enter into a mutually supportive relationship with the Comboni Missionary Sisters
  • share in the Comboni spirit, charism, values and heritage through regular times of prayer, worship and celebration, with the Sisters and other Associates, while maintaining their own lifestyle
  • believe in the dignity and giftedness of each person
  • are a sign of God’s presence in our broken world.


We are a community of laypersons who seek to grow in personal holiness by our association with the Sisters’ charism (spirituality and mission), and core values of prayerfulness, simplicity of life, and “making common cause” with the people among whom we live.

Our source of strength and life is the Pierced Heart of the Good Shepherd on Calvary Hill. Our PRAYERFULNESS is manifested in a variety of devotional expressions which may include: Personal and Communal Prayer, Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, Fasting, Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary and Scripture Reading. We witness to these core values wherever possible according to our responsibilities and station in life.

With the Sisters, we seek to be a visible sign of the LOVING PRESENCE of the heart of Jesus to the communities in which we live and serve. As we minister, we strive to witness to the love and compassion of Jesus in a holistic manner. We do this according to the needs of the times, which we, as Associates of the Comboni Missionary Sisters, continually attempt to discern along with the Sisters.

We join the Sisters in living out our missionary call by becoming instruments of Christ’s compassion “for the poorest and the most forsaken” according to our ability and strength.

In union with the Sisters and led by the Holy Spirit, each lay Associate is encouraged to participate and support the mission of the CMS with joy, simplicity, compassion, hospitality and with recognition of each person’s uniqueness and giftedness.

Expectations of Comboni Associates

  • Prayer
  • Extension of the Comboni spirit and charism to your homes, your places of work, and the marketplace
  • Expansion of the vision and promotion of the mission of the Comboni Missionary Sisters in the Church
  • Support and encouragement of others in the development of holistic spirituality and in their emerging roles in church and society
  • Sharing of your gifts and expertise with the Comboni Missionary Sisters and Comboni Associates
  • Prayerful remembrance and support of the Comboni Missionary Sisters
  • Bond with the Sisters in a collaborative membership
  • Sharing in hospitality and friendship with members of the Congregation
  • Opportunities to promote personal spiritual growth in relationship with others of like interest
  • Participation in spiritual and social functions of the Sisters



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