• Men and women who have encountered Jesus and seek to live their baptismal and missionary commitment by sharing in the spirit of St. Daniel Comboni.
  • Men and women who desire association with the Comboni Missionary Sisters as a means for personal growth and holiness.


  • To cultivate their personal encounter with Jesus who sends them forth to proclaim him joyfully in the spirit of Saint Daniel Comboni.
  • To live out their missionary discipleship in the spirit of Saint Daniel Comboni.


Comboni Associates are called to live out the Gospel Values, and, in particular:

  1. Strong sense of God and prayerfulness
  2. Witnessing and announcing Jesus Christ wherever we are
  3. “Making common cause” with the people among whom we live:
  4. sharing with the people and taking part in their lives without excluding anyone;
  5. giving special attention to the needs of the marginalized in today’s society;
  6. keeping ourselves informed of the global and local context, concentrating both on whatever threatens and promotes human dignity
  7. “To Save Africa with Africa”:
  8. believing in the potential of others and affirming it;
  9. regenerating society through commitment to justice, peace and integrity of Creation
  10. Recognition of the dignity of women
  11. Team spirit: avoiding protagonist, promoting dialogue and collaboration, valuing diversity

These core values relate to outstanding characteristics in Saint Daniel Comboni’s life: his enduring confidence in the presence of God, his deep love for the Heart of Jesus and the Cross, his apostolic passion for the most needy and forsaken, his mission methodology of “Saving Africa with Africa,” and, finally, his total loyalty to the Church.


Friends of Comboni

Friends of Comboni are a group of well-wishers and collaborators of the Comboni Missionary Sisters who wish to share in the spirituality and mission of the Comboni Missionary Sisters.

The Friends of Comboni hold three meetings in a year and take part in the celebration of St. Daniel Comboni (October 10), together with the Comboni Missionary Sisters.

Comboni Associates

Comboni Associates are Friends of Comboni who desire association with the Comboni Missionary Sisters as a means for personal growth and holiness and carry the missionary spirituality into their homes, their families and their work.

  • They share, with the Comboni Missionary Sisters, in preparing inputs and animating prayer at the general meetings of the Friends of Comboni.
  • They keep the liturgical celebrations and feasts of the Comboni Missionary Sisters. (March 15, St. Daniel Comboni’s birthday; Sacred Heart in June; September 14, Exaltation of the Cross; October 10, St. Daniel Comboni’s death anniversary; Mission Sunday in October; December 8, Immaculate Conception.)
  • Comboni Associates take part in all three general meetings, and/or in committee meetings of the Friends of Comboni, held in a year.
  • They carry out an apostolic service either at their Parish, place of work or neighbourhood.
  • Together with the Comboni Missionary Sisters they conduct a Mission Awareness Day, or engage in an apostolic service, in a Parish, youth group, school, etc.
  • They promote the vision and mission of the Comboni Missionary Sisters wherever they live and work.
  • They promote missionary spirituality in the Church.
  • They share their gifts and expertise with the Comboni Missionary Sisters and Comboni Associates in order to facilitate the aims of the group.
  • They pray the prayer of the Comboni Family daily (appendix 1).
  • They join the nearest community of the Comboni Missionary Sisters for guided prayer twice a year
  • They have regular contact (phone, skype, email, letter, visits) with Coordinator of the Comboni Associates


Servant leadership is the style for the Comboni Associates. A servant leader is one who respects the gifts of other members, cares for them and guards their rights and privileges. Those with leadership responsibilities imitate Jesus by serving those whom they lead.


The Comboni Associates are formed, as one group, by people from different parishes under the auspices of the Comboni Missionary Sisters (CMS). They have an appointed CMS as overall coordinator. The coordinator is appointed by the CMS Provincial superior. Other sisters may assist as guides, facilitators and mentors.


The Friends of Comboni have a Central Committee established for the purpose of:

  • Supporting the Coordinator of the group
  • Planning for ongoing and future development of the Friends of Comboni by means of an annual action plan
  • Raising adequate funds for the implementation of the annual action plan
  • Reviewing the implementation of the annual action plan at each Central Committee meeting

All members of the Central Committee, except the Coordinator, are elected from among the Comboni Associates by all Friends of Comboni.

The Central Committee is formed by the following:

  • Coordinator
  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee members (one representing each zone)


Sr. Anns James, coordinator

Comboni Missionary Sisters

P.O. Box 31832



Cell: 0973320540

E-mail: annsjamest@gmail.com

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