The gift of gratitude


At the end of the missionary month, the Comboni Sisters of Comboni House (Verona, Italy) were graced by the visit of the Archbishop of Gulu, Mons. Odama.

After attending the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome, he proceeded to visit his friends in Italy, and among them the Comboni sisters: “I am here to say thank to you, who have spent the best years of your life with the people of Northern Uganda, especially in times of violence and deep suffering, when the Lord Resistance Army was vandalizing the area and when Ebola was raging. We are grateful, and there are no words to express our gratitude. You have become part of us and your name are remembered, one by one”.

One sister replied: “The Lango and Acholi people have humanized me, they have adopted me and I have felt at home, thanks to you too!”
Another sister started conversing with Mons. Odama in Acholi language.  

Presently in Gulu there are two communities of elderly Comboni sisters. “We bring the young people to them, so that the missionary life and spirit can be experienced and loved” – continued the Archbishop – “You have nurtured the growth of local congregations, and they still need your encouragement. Do not leave us, even when you are old and sickly, we still need you presence, … no longer your active services but simply your presence”
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