My name is Ania Kozuszek. I am a Comboni Missionary Sister,
originally from Poland. Last 9 years I’ve served the Church in the United Arab
Emirates, in three different towns- parishes.

It’s been an interesting
experience. What fascinates me most here is the variety of peoples, cultures
and religions. Majority of immigrants come from Asia: mainly from India,
Philippines, Pakistan, but in these last years, because of critical situation
in the Middle East, especially in Iraq and Syria, many more people come also
from there to look for a peaceful place to live and to find a job.Thanks be to God, till now the UAE has been very welcoming
and tolerant towards people of different religions, also non- Muslims.

For now
we feel safe here, there are no signs of extremism. We certainly need to pray and work for peace. Here in the
parish of Dubai, after every Mass, we pray also for persecutors. We need to
change our hearts and minds, so that we’ll be able to see another person as a
brother, sister, not as an enemy. One of the services that we Comboni Sisters are giving here
is in the catechesis.

I’ve been teaching catechism to youth and adults and it
has always given me a great joy. It’s wonderful to share your own experience of
faith and love that you receive from the Lord. And people here need this
strengthening, encouragement, they need to know that they are not alone. May God bless us all, may He bless all peoples of the earth
with love and peace.

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