Voice of Peace Radio

With great gratitude we share with you the joy of
the expansion of Voice of Peace Radio signal.At the moment we do not have yet the new
locations where this signal is reaching, but we know the signal reception was
improved and it is reaching further places. When we finish the re-edition of
material and production of new programs in 
Toro language plus in two other new ones, Moro and Lera, we will carry
on the monitoring of the radio signal.In fact, it was a great joy to contemplate the
great support offered by the Comboni Missionaries from Spain Province, through
the presence of the two Brothers, Alberto Lamana and Francisco Carrasco, and to
see their readiness to support us.  Yes,
it was unbelievable to see the Brothers among us in Gidel community, but it was
true.They arrived to Gidel on the night of Saturday,
June 6th, and the next day, Sunday, after the Mass, they started working till
Friday, June 12th, day when the expanded signal saw the light.20 Upper classes students from Ss Peter and Paul, Prim School and 25
ones from the Koinonia Couching Centre, Gidel, helped VOP staff and to the
Brothers, to carry the batteries and solar panels to Mount Kudru. The Brothers and VOP staff kept visiting the hill twice per day till
Friday, to make operative the installations. On Friday the work was doubled; according to Brother Alberto the
expansion of the signal was to take place at morning hours but the signal was
not coming out.  Most of the day was
spent to rechecked the work and climbing the mast. Then, Brother Alberto discover that we had some wrong connection of
cables to the transmitter and antenna. He was astonished and wondering how VOP
Radio had been able to transmit having those connections without  mayor problems…   We could only answer that God is the one who
helps us through the intercession of St. Joseph. But before that, no one could ever say a word, it was like none of us
wanted to disturb the heavy silence which surrounded the work of the Brothers
trying to find the problem, and we just kept asking, in our hearts, St Joseph’s
intercession. And finally, fixing the problem, VOP signal began reaching other
communities through the second transmitter. 
It was a great joy for all of us and we started sharing about our fears
and feelings knowing the problem was now solved. So, all of us had a very peaceful evening and continue the preparation
for a gathering for the next day.

On Saturday 13th, VOP Radio had a Thanksgiving Celebration to honor
God’s presence in the work of Voice of Peace Radio and for the new gift of the
expansion of the signal.  It was a very
beautiful moment, simple but enough to celebrate life and to Thank God for the
work done among us through the commitment of Bishop Macram in VOP Radio, for his
personnel at different levels, for all our friends and benefactors, for
our  belonging to CRN, and for the great
work done by our Comboni Brothers. And in fact, it was a very beautiful moment
of communion and joy. For that occasion, a Secondary School Teacher, Mr Daniel Many from
Kenya, prepared for us a beautiful Poem which expresses some of VOP
feeling.  Here we share it with you. The work of the Brothers went on… From Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th, Brother
Alberto offered to VOP Staff some couching on the Linux Operating System,  apart from installing a server for the
internal radio production. At the meantime, 
Brother Paco was trying to fix the second small generator to guarantee
the energy for the transmissions. These last activities were carried out in
combination with few more visits to Mount Kudru, where Brother Alberto
explained to VOP staff the work done in this expansion and the needed  recommendations to keep the good maintenance
of the equipment and, for sure, to ensure the work of the radio signal. With the intention of not leaving the Brothers without visiting
another place, on Tuesday, afternoon, I took them to Kauda to take a nice bun
in the market. As the time was almost over, we rushed to pay a visit to Kauda

We visited the Precious Blood Sisters, Abuna Christopher and Brother
Isaac were in some commitments, and also we could greet just through the fence
to Sr Cathy Solano. Later one Fr Francis Angela confirmed us about the time for the early
journey to Yida,  4:00 a.m. Thursday 18th, early morning, Brothers Alberto and Paco
left for Yida. I wanted to accompany them back to that refugee camp but it was
no chance… What to do?   Just only to
greet them and ask God’s blessings upon them. We heard that their journey to Yida, to Nairobi and to Spain, was very
good. After two hours of their arrival to Spain, the Brothers attended their
Provincial Assembly for one week and then, Brother Alberto the Provincial
Council. Brother Alberto wrote to me expressing also their deep gratitude for
this experience in Nuba Mountains.  They
appreciate very much all the support offered to them since their arrival to
Nairobi and back to their place. May the Lord bless all these combined efforts for the good of his
children, and one day bring a community of Comboni Missionaries to work with us

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