Geographical Situation

Dol Dol is situated in the high lands of Mount Kenya, Laikipia North, Mukogodo District. The population present in this area are mainly Maasai which are semi nomadic pastoralists.

Population: 20,000 approximately

Situation (Social, economic, religious)

People are attached to their own traditions and culture which hinder the socio- economic development. They don’t feel much belonging to a free country and the majority do not understand that citizenship brings about rights and duties.
The authorities continue to allocate the best part of the land to people interested in tourism and private use, and leaving for the majority the most arid and stony part of it.
The level of education is increasing. There are Primary and Secondary schools and also Nurseries. The levels of illiteracy are high among the adult population in particular among the women.
In the field of health the medical care provided by the government is paid and there are few structures. The medicine are not always available and there is short of qualified medical personal so most of the time the patient has to  go to another dispensary or hospital in the area and the nearest is at 65 Km from Dol Dol centre.
The road infrastructure is poor and in the raining season people are cut off. Most of the population have one meal per day and they survive through informal economic activities like: making charcoal, selling in the market and in small shops in Dol Dol centre.
The traditional believes are still strong among the population. The Catholic Church is present with other Christian denomination. The journey of Christian life is very slow and people are not yet strong in their faith.

The presence of the CMS

When did we open: 1st  August 1991

Objectives of our presence
The CMS of Dol Dol is a pastoral inserted community among the Maasai people. We live our consecrated missionary life in multicultural community announcing the Good News in words and actions:
 Giving Education  to the people in particular young girls and women;
 empowering women to become protagonists of their own life and development;
 taking care of the poor;
 strengthening the faith of the people through catechism and animating them to be missionaries among their people;
 forming leaders capable and committed working together for the good of their own people.

PASTORAL: journeying with the catechumen groups and teaching of the catechism in the parish of Dol Dol and in the out stations.

WOMEN PROMOTION: Social and formative activities for women through “Aloe and Beads” projects.
TEACHING: Teaching in St. Francis Girls Secondary school.
Comboni Missionary Sisters
Catholic Church Dol-Dol