ST. FELICE DEL BENACO is a village at 109 m above sea level  which   belongs to the Province of Brescia.   The territory of San Felice, Portese and Cisano moraine rests on a promontory that extends into Lake Garda, between the Gulf and the Gulf of Salò Manerba bounded by Mount Cross, Campagnolo Mountain and Mount St. Catherine. The village is 35 km from Brescia and  55 km from Verona.

The visitors  comming  into Valtenesi territory of which San Felice is the end, remains immediately struck by the sight of the charming and picturesque hilly area. Land that never ceases to fascinate for its views, and the charm of beautiful places of a wonderful green.


Since 1927, San Felice, Portese and Cisano form a single municipality. The roots of the settlements are very old indeed palafitticole stations have been discovered, and Roman gravestones are still visible remains of medieval castles. The inhabitants are about 3300.


In the past the local economy was based on agriculture. It drew its fruit best and most prolific olive and the vine. The fishing was a primary source for economic Portese.

From 1920 and until a few years ago Mollificio Bresciano has established an industry leading to San Felice, Valtenesi and the western region of Lake Garda. He has allowed employment for most of the families of San Felice. Currently there are many valid and craft activities.

In the sixties, with the advent of tourism, the commercial economy of our town changed its pace by focusing on building and responsive systems consisting of small hotels, holiday villages and campsites.

In San Felice, besides the presence of some caretakers, are just immigrants.

In our area the Catholic religion is predominant, but little practiced. Poor participation in parish activities and social. Participation in the Sunday liturgy increases during the tourist season for the presence of the owners of holiday homes, but does not involve the present tourists in hotels and camping sites (approximately 630,000 estimated presences.)

The community of San Felice enjoys the presence of two parishes and three convents.


Our first community founded on 19.9.1937 was located in St. Felice del Benaco Via Garibaldi 18.

The aims were: Parish, kindergarten, school work.

The Nursery School was suspended on 1 June 1991 and the first gated of the  community  in december.1996.

On June 3, 1995 was officially open to the community, with eight sister no longer at the center of the country, but at the periphery and changed the purpose of our presence in San Felice


House of Spirituality and reception


– Welcoming of the sisters of our Congregation for vacation and   for spiritual  retreat.

– Planning and coordination and / or guide the Spiritual Exercises, Assemblies, Meetings

– Animation missionary base and sharing the charism with the laity

– Presence and Witness missionary informal