The town of Torre Annunziata (Naples) is a municipality with more than Vesuvians forty-three thousand inhabitants situated on the slopes of Vesuvius in the so-called “red zone”. Rises and grows in the ancient city Oplonti rich and elegant, unfortunately destroyed by Vesuvius in 79. It overlooks the Gulf of Naples, in one small bay, in the “Belly of the Cow,” which made it the third largest port of Torre Annunziata, Campania region. Beautiful, though threatened by pollution caused by the river Sarno, is The “Marina OF THE SUN”,  thermal   station and beach resort.


In the past, Torre Annunziata was the capital of the ‘”white art” including the production of pasta. Until 1950 worked one hundred pasta factories, only one company remains active today. Over the past five decades, despite strong tourist site has been sacrificed for the setting solid steel industries, food, pharmaceutical, packaging, cement, clothing and paper, today, for the most part, in crisis.

Today it houses the marine industry and pharmaceutical industry.

In the eighties, the environments of the crime and not only of Torre del Greco, was brought to completion the murder of journalist Giancarlo Siani. Since the nineties there was an increased public intervention to address the economic and social crisis.

The town of Torre Annunziata is the seat of the Pontifical Basilica which contains the lower part of Maria. SS.  OF THE SNOW, patron saint of the city, which are dedicated to the votive festival of 22 October and that of the  discovery (which occurred in the fourteenth century), held on August 5.


In this city we operate from 8 December 2004. Our house is adjacent to the Sanctuary Church of the Holy Spirit. The community is made up of four sisters. We are placed in one of the most deprived areas of Torre Annunziata with a high rate of unemployment that results in illegal activities, especially drug trafficking, smuggling of cigarettes and usury.

In many families in our area is common to find one of the parents (in the worst cases both) in prison or under house arrest.


Mission and parish ministry.


Missionary Animation: We take care of GIM (Young Missionary Commitment), vocational guidance and career paths for young human and spiritual (Campania, Calabria and Puglia). We work with the Diocesan Mission Center and the Suam Campania.

Activities in the field of animation we give attention to JPIC, supporting committees that engage in the territory, especially with regard to water and waste sectors.

Parish Pastoral: We are in the parish cafeteria, in after-school, visiting families and the sick, the distribution of the Eucharist, in the centers of the Gospel, in the liturgical life of the parish and in the coordination of parish activities.

We visited, also, the fields of Greek Roma Torre and Torre Annunziata.

The community welcomes young people who want to learn and share, for a few days, our way of life in the context in which we live.