Giuseppa Scandola

She was born in Boscochiesanuova near Verona, North Italy, on 26th January 1849.
Maria grew up in a poor but hard working family where the spirit of prayer and a principled life were truly valued.
Daniel Comboni, the Founder of the Comboni Missionary Sisters “pie Madri della Nigrizia”, met Maria by chance at Erbezzo first and at Boscochiesanuova later.  There, he shared his inspired desire to found a Congregation of Sisters for Africa.
Won over to the missionary ideal, Maria became the second Comboni sister and one of the first five sisters to reach Africa in 1877.
there she consecrated her entire life to the evangelization of the African people in particular in the Sudan.  In Berber, el Obeid, Khartoum, Shellal, Asswan, Lul, she gave herself to the people in an ever increasing loving dedication and sacrifice.
She reached the supreme act of offering her own life to God in exchange for that of a young, missionary priest, Fr. Giuseppe Beduschi, who, thanks to her generosity was then able to continue for many years his apostolic mission in Africa.
Sister Maria Giuseppa Scàndola in her silent way, teaches us that “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for another” and that true love is this: “to know the Father and Jesus Christ who wants everyone to be saved”.
For this she lived, suffered and prayed, for this she died on 1st. September 1903 at Lul (Sudan).
God, almighty and mercibul Father, by the merits of Jesus Christ, true god and true Man, and through the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, and Mediatrix of every grace, deign to glorify Sr. M. giuseppa Scàandola, a faithful and heroic missionary who spent all her life in order to spread your reign in africa, particularly in the Sudan Mission.
I give you praise for all that she did and suffered in communion with You and through her intercession I ask to listen my prayer, granting me the grace which I now ask…, if it is for your glory and for the good of the Church.
Glory be to the Blessed Trinity (3 times)
With the bishop’s approval
Msgr. Antonio Buoncristiani

Whoever should receive graces through the intercession of sister M. Giuseppa Scàndola should notify to
The Postulator of her “Sr. M. Giuseppa Scandola”

V.le Tito Livio, 24  00136 – Roma – Italy