Saint Daniel Comboni had a clear idea of the evangelical ministry of “his sisters”, as he loved to call his first missionaries. He wanted them to be holy and capable women, able to deal with everyone from the rulers to the peasants, able to make common cause with the weak and the excluded.

He believed so much in the irreplaceable role of women in the evangelising work of the Church that he could say, “…here the work of the Sister is a priestly one. Where there are Sisters there is a sound mission.”

His passionate experience of a life spent for the proclamation of the Gospel in Africa is seen in the missionary methodology summarised in his motto, “Save Africa with Africa”; this is his legacy to us. It is the commission which we are to carry out today among the people with whom we live.

Sustained by his vision in our ministry as women:

  • We proclaim and share the Good News with those who do not know it and we encourage the growth of the values of the Kingdom through our pastoral work in:

    – catechesis
    – education
    – health
    – women’s development
    – the formation and human and religious development of leaders
    – the promotion of Justice and Peace and the integrity of creation
    – the missionary animation of the Churches

Today more than ever we are called to be “bridges of reconciliation and forgiveness” and “weavers of dialogue” for the unity of peoples, of cultures and of religions, to be women of the Gospel for the mission
ad gentes today.