“From Mission to Formation” is the basic criterion from which the guide-lines and the aims of formation should originate, determined by the demands of the mission, founded in the theology of the mission and the religious-apostolic life.”
The whole formation is directed to the progressive and unifying growth of the person at human, spiritual and apostolic level; it should be integral, cultivating mind, heart and will.  It forms to the apostolic commitment typical of the Combonian charism and the understanding of different cultural realities.
The purpose of formation is to assist each one to make her own,  the evangelical values in accordance with the Combonian charism thus preparing missionaries:
-rooted in Christ, the good Shepherd and aware of continuing His evangelical mission;
-pledged to total fidelity to Our Lord in the Church;
-well disposed by means of the Vows of chastity, poverty and obedience to live in communion with the sisters, who share the same vocation;
-resolved to dedicate themselves to the missionary activities according to the particular choices of the Institute.
-able to integrate with different peoples and to cooperate with local Churches;
-ready to remain faithful to the mission even in difficult situations. R o L 64
The formative stages of our formation journey embrace our whole life and they can be distinguished as:
Vocation Orientation
Temporary Vows
Ongoing  Formation