Ongoing Formation: God’s call urges us to grow humanly and spiritually all throughout our life in order to adhere fully to His plan for us and to
respond fully to the demands of the mission. (R o L 81)
Formation is a life-long journey, a process of growth which favours human, spiritual and charismatic maturity. It is a process which promotes unity of life and enhances the development of a renewed charismatic identity as women and mothers. This Combonian identity is founded on common values and is lived out by adopting daily a lifestyle which makes us capable of responding, as consecrated women, to the challenges of mission Ad genets today.
Our spirituality nourishes the formative process, finding in mysticism its strength for a prophetic response today.
The Plan of Daniel Comboni, together with the Rule of Life of 1871, are not only methodological tools for us. Rather, they sustain our spirituality, defining better our lifestyle. The reality of the poor and excluded calls us into question and urges us to live faithfully and coherently, according to Combonian values.
In the formative process, the journey of personal and community reconciliation must be a priority of our mission today, so that we become credible and prophetic witnesses in a fragmented, conflictive world.
We are sustained by the certainty that the formative process bears fruit when we assume it with responsibility, both as individuals and as community, and when we recognize the need for growth in the areas of intercultural relations, collaboration and in our sense of belonging.