Yes, from 13th to 16th April 2015 all of us, Comboni Missionary Sisters in
Zambia, gathered in the Provincial House, Makeni, Lusaka, for the annual
Provincial Assembly which, this year, was enriched by the presence of Sr. Luzia
Premoli, our General Superior from Rome.
The theme which led us through the entire Assembly was:By bringing to mind the “regenerating
touch of God” we wanted to highlight the action of God in all people: in those
we are able to reach, to teach, to train, to accompany, to console, to guide,
to befriend.Indeed, God’s revitalizing, regenerating, life-giving touch reaches
to many, through us, through
the values we share,
the simple lifestyle we live,

the friendships we cultivate,

the wounds we cure,

through the listening heart we avail,

the managerial tasks or house chores we carry out…

through everything we do – to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine –
he life and love of God reaches out.
We reflected also that, the regenerating touch of God refers also to God’s
loving, renewing action in each one of us and in our communities. In as much as
we recognize the dead areas of our life-the dry parts within us- we have
possibilities of “regeneration”, through God’s touch, not through our own
healing power. The Risen-living- Christ we are celebrating this season calls us
to let God’s Spirit touch us. The regeneration we so much long for others is
the regeneration God so much long for us, his missionaries, his apostles.The constant invitation we
receive is to let God regenerate us so that we may let that same regenerating
power go out to others, those near us -in our houses- and those in the local
communities we live, in the schools, in the offices, in the villages or in the
parishes where we encounter God’s “little ones”.Still, luckily, God’s grace
does not depend on our “being regenerated” or on our “being whole”. The mission
is God’s, and that is a consolation. That is the emphasis the reflection on
mission today is highlighting.Yes, we are collaborators
of God in His mission. We are people who want God’s mission to succeed. We are
people who want God’s will to prevail even above our little will, our little
desires. And so we are pilgrims on that journey.
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